Effect of E-Learning Higher Education

Dr. Fahad Sarfraz, Dr. Farrukh Sarfraz, Prof.Dr. Junaid Sarfraz Khan, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zahid Latif


e-learning, higher education, inspiration, web-based intruction


Background: Most institutions in the Pakistan face many educational troubles that innovation can offer assistance to overcome. A digital source, such as Zoom, LMS and Moodle e learning stage has been actualized helps to provide e-content and at national level in to show different conceivable Pakistan. These learning outcomes for executing a synchronous e learning web-based modules. This paper appears highlighted the learning increments which motivates the undergrad for online learning.

Objective: The current study was conducted to assess the magnitude of elearning among the students of a private medical college. Study Design: Descriptive, cross sectional study design. Place & Duration: The study was conducted during the period of six months from March 2020 to September 2021 at M. Islam Medical College, Sialkot Methodology: Non probability convenient sampling technique was used and all the students of 1 and 2nd year MBBS were invited for the study. Approval of institutional ethical review committee and informed consent from the participants were obtained. The collected data was organized, entered on SPSS version 21 to analyzed by the use of statistical tools. Results: Total 200 study participants, 43.5% were females and 56.5 % were males, 50% were from year and 50% were from 2nd year of MBBS class. The majority of participants (63%) were from urban area. Father's occupation of participants was businessman (35%) , professionals including doctor, teachers and engineers (25%), landlord and farmers (15%), other Government employees (25%). Education level of fathers was bachelor degree or above in (75%) and among mother of the participants it was found as (54.5%).

Conclusion: This think about has detailed a few critical discoveries almost online instruction, others and displayed a extend of forecasts around long haul of confuted online innovation for instructive purposes.